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Fiat Multipla Engine Swap

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:29 am    Post subject: Fiat Multipla Engine Swap Reply with quote
Hi guys, glad I found this site! I cannot find any information on the internet for a Fiat Multipla engine swap, apart from putting the Fiat Coupe 20v turbo engine in, which are expensive and hard to get hold of.

Obviously, this car would have horrible handling, all I want are those hideous looks resembling a cartoon dolphin. To make the car remotely fast, I would probably have to use some other Fiat Type 2 platform, such as the Fiat Coupe's or the Alfa GTV, and somehow get the Multipla shell to fit on it.

Alfa engines are a possibility, but they don't have a reputable tuning base because, ideally, I want this car to go fast. I know it would be terribly expensive, especially considering the aerodynamic properties of the Fiat Multipla. I thought about the Audi S3 engine as they are tuneable, cheap for one in good condition, and are a transverse mounted ~2 litre I4, just like the original Fiat Multipla engine. Another option is the Mitsubishi 4G63t, for similar reasons, however I don't know which way it is mounted in the Evo.

To be honest, I'm not sure if any of these engines are compatible with the bays that I can fit the Multipla shell on (if I can fit the shell on a different ar), so any help from someone who actually knows what they're talking about (unlike me), would be much appreciated! I know these modifications would take a lot of money, time and know-how from someone who is skilled in this area.

Anyway, I'm from the UK and have a 1975 VW Beetle (all stock) and a Scooter for the bonus of 147 mpg! I hope you guys are as enthusiastic as me about cars that really look like they shouldn't have their engine swapped!

Thanks in advance for your replies!
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